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Flying V dives into the world of narrative podcasts with our Anthology Series “Paperless Pulp”! Inspired by the traditions of old time radio and pulp magazines, this anthology series presents original, fully produced audio plays exploring intimate aspects of the human condition set in worlds of high genre – horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and more!

May 11, 2021

...a classic love triangle between a guy, a gal, and the smartphone that connects them! (CW: adult themes)


Morgan Meadows (“Cyri”)
Regina Aquino (“Roxane”)
Niusha Nawab (“Chris”)
Carmina Manley (“Amelia and Customer Support”)

“Dr. Namsserp” written and performed by Aviva Pressman

Written By Alexandra Petri
Engineered By Kristina Manente

Music by
Ryan Buell and Klopfenpop

Music Director

Lead Engineer
Gordon Nimmo-Smith*

Voice Director
Gregory Keng Strasser

Script Supervisor
Susanna Pretzer*

Episode Artwork by
Scout Stewart

Accessibility Consultant
Kala Granger

Production Manager
Evangelina Hakes*


*Denotes Flying V Company Member