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Flying V dives into the world of narrative podcasts with our Anthology Series “Paperless Pulp”! Inspired by the traditions of old time radio and pulp magazines, this anthology series presents original, fully produced audio plays exploring intimate aspects of the human condition set in worlds of high genre – horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and more!

Sep 24, 2019

Apocalypse Air Bnb

It’s hard enough to run a small business during the zombie apocalypse, much less find love! When a chainsaw-wielding traveler shows up to his Air BnB, Clyde may have met his match...

Written by Serena Berman
Directed by Jason Schlafstein
Designed by Gordon Nimmo-Smith
Featuring James Flanagan and...

Sep 6, 2019


Think your job is mind numbing? A mild mannered office worker confronts his fears when an unspeakable cosmic horror materializes in the supply room at work.

Written by Seamus Sullivan
Directed by Jason Heat Schlafstein
Designed by Navid Azeez
Featuring: James Finley, Madeline Key, Michelle Polera, Noah...